Red Rum - A film about a deeply disturbed rodent

Why hello there. It is of nice of you to have stopped by for a little bit of SQUIRREL INSANITY!!! This blog is for the production of my short film entitled 'Red Rum'. It concerns a paranoid red squirrel by the name of Rum, and the stress that is struck into his life by a certain grey squirrel moving next door. There is also a funny looking fox, by the name of Fox, involved.

Here I shall showcase the progress of my film. And perhaps a tad of the insanity that shall come with making it.


This is Rum. The main character of the film. Which is probably quite obvious. Another obvious statement is that he is a red squirrel. And a bit mental.

Thursday, 24 March 2011


Yep. That's right! I did COLOUR today!!! I do miss colour. Here's a bunch of, well I guess you could call it concept art... I realised I hadn't actually made any images of my characters in their environments in colour. So that's what I did today.

 This is me trying out a colour scheme for the axe dream sequence. I thought I could do a teabag stained background, with the characters just line drawings with red blood. But I'm going to try a black and white effect with the red blood and see how that turns out.

This is a drawing of Rum's tree from the outside.

Rum running with his new found knife. 

And finally, Rum attempting to shove Fox up into grey squirrel's tree.

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