Red Rum - A film about a deeply disturbed rodent

Why hello there. It is of nice of you to have stopped by for a little bit of SQUIRREL INSANITY!!! This blog is for the production of my short film entitled 'Red Rum'. It concerns a paranoid red squirrel by the name of Rum, and the stress that is struck into his life by a certain grey squirrel moving next door. There is also a funny looking fox, by the name of Fox, involved.

Here I shall showcase the progress of my film. And perhaps a tad of the insanity that shall come with making it.


This is Rum. The main character of the film. Which is probably quite obvious. Another obvious statement is that he is a red squirrel. And a bit mental.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Oh yeaaaaah.... 4th Year.

I just realised these are the first posts I've done since starting 4th Year....

I should put more up I guess....

Watch this space.


AND another.....

This is exciting huh? What's wrong with one page Blogger? HRRMMMM???

I hate all this waiting. The anticipation is probably not good either.... I mean, these are not THAT spectacular....

This one, I like.

He ain't happy.

Reminds me of me just now...

And another...

Blogger doesn't like me. It's stealing my sleep.

I RETURNETH.... with Some Line Tests.

So here are a bunch of my line tests. As in pretty much, the only bits I've tested. I must just be THAT confident in my amazing work that I don't feel the need to test it. Ohhh yeah. OR maybe I'm just to lazy to get up and walk over to the line tester...

I'm sitting here, watching The Bucket List.... and really hoping this upload works this time. I told myself I'd turn this film off, because I KNOW it is sad. But yet here I am, watching it again.

Red Rum is going well, just to let you all know. I mean, I should be concentrating on this dissertation business but I prefer drawing squirrels. OHHHHH my, I just realised that when it gets to 100% that's only one video uploaded O.O NOOOOOOOOO. Great. Now I'm scared to do anything else, in case I have to start again...

Voy a hablar en espanol ahora, porque estoy aburrida y me gusta practicar mi espanol jajaja Fui a mi clase de Japones esta noche, era muy interesante. Pero prefiero espanol, claro, porque por lo menos puedo entender mas. Quiero volver a espana, quiero visitar mis amigos espanoles, tomar el sol, quiero beber tantas cervezas y disfrutarme. Yo se que escocia no es tan mal, solo estoy aburrida... y tambien quiero terminar la universidad. Despues de muchos anos, quiero hacer algo diferente!

I sent my JET application in the post today :-D This is all very exciting for me. I am HAPPY! But also a bit... hmm... don't know... maybe anxious? They say it's hard to get an interview, but I hope I get one. Let's all hope!!! Either that or... I suppose I could look for an animation job. Hrm.

ARRRRH gonna just hurry up BLOGGER?!! I'm tired. Now I'm having to watch the end of The Bucket List. GREAT. I love to go to bed full of laughs and joy. If nobody reads this horrifically time consuming and long long boring post, I shall not be best pleased.

Friday, 26 August 2011


Yep. I AM still alive. I just haven't.... well..... posted anything here in a wee while. So, just thought I'd let you all know, those who care that is, that I still am around.... just.

I have been drawing squirrels and foxes, so I have done some things... But it's back to work soon. Back to the studio.... Back to the light box.... Back to the animation paper..... O.O


Friday, 20 May 2011


Hell yeah! I'm really not sure if I was the only one who watched this AMAZING show! I remember sitting up late when I was like 11 watching what I thought (yes, stupid me) was an actual Japanese gameshow. Though, to be fair they did a pretty good job looking back now.

Not got a whole lot to do with my film, but I did find this squirrel related feature. I loved this show so much, mental fun.

Monday, 18 April 2011

PRODUCTION BIBLE finished! At last.

Well, I actually finished it last week to be fair. And I THINK it is good... Now I just need to skip on doon to the print shop and see how much emptier this job will make my bank account. Ah the joys. I would put it up here, but it is almost 40 pages... SO I can't be bothered. Though soon I shall put up some example pages, or perhaps a photo or two of the final book.

Now though, it is dissertation time. Woo.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Squirrel Research

So, I figured that ol' Edinburgo would be a good place for some squirrel research as there are always LOADS of squirrels all over Princess Street Gardens. BUT guess what...? NOT ONE SQUIRREL!!!

Was mightily disappointed. It was the one place I was sure i could get some real life research done. What happened to you squirrels?? I hope you are all ok....

Did you emigrate? I wouldn't blame you.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011


So. Here is my animatic. I put some sound effects in, and even some squirrel 'dialogue'. There are still many sounds to be added but this is what I have so far.
Like my squirrel noises? I thought squeaky would be best, as they are squirrels after all. Just sounded like there was some lunatic in my house as I was recording them.

Thursday, 24 March 2011


Yep. That's right! I did COLOUR today!!! I do miss colour. Here's a bunch of, well I guess you could call it concept art... I realised I hadn't actually made any images of my characters in their environments in colour. So that's what I did today.

 This is me trying out a colour scheme for the axe dream sequence. I thought I could do a teabag stained background, with the characters just line drawings with red blood. But I'm going to try a black and white effect with the red blood and see how that turns out.

This is a drawing of Rum's tree from the outside.

Rum running with his new found knife. 

And finally, Rum attempting to shove Fox up into grey squirrel's tree.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

More Influential Stuff

Calvin and Hobbes. Need I say more?! I have loved Calvin and Hobbes for many many years, and own A LOT of the books. The crazy expressions and drawings from the comics have influenced the design of my characters for Red Rum. The mental faces that Calvin and Hobbes both make are amazing! Even though it's a comic, you can still imagine what they would move like if it was an actual animation. I love Calvin and Hobbes.

Model Sheets and Size Comparison

That's the model sheets for my three main characters, Rum, Fox and grey squirrel. Coloured in with pro-markers, I think Photoshopping them would have taken a wee bit too much time. And I prefer colouring in with pens or paint.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

The back cover from my one of my Red Rum sketchbooks. I enjoyed pinging red BLOOD ink at my sketchbook!!! And all over the floor of course... If anyone IS wondering what that red stuff on the studio floor is, be reassured - it is only ink.

Or is it?...

 This is the front cover for the same Red Rum sketchbook, kept me busy for a good day or two!
 Rum with the axe he dreams of.
Rum, most likely looking irritated by his misjudgement of axe sizes.

New Expression Sheets!!

Here is a NEW expression sheet for Rum and one for grey squirrel too. I just made these this week :-D

Here is a couple of my background concepts, and the working out of the axe scene with Rum. I am going for a heavy lined style for the whole animation and am trying to keep the backgrounds looking jaggy like the characters. That's the trees where Rum and the grey squirrel live. There is also the shed where Rum goes to find his axe.

Thursday, 10 March 2011


Of course with the element of The Shining in my film, I thought it would be a good idea to remind everybody of that wonderful scene. Nice.

Now. Just imagine it with squirrels.
I think Kon from Bleach is a great character. I know it's anime and all, but his expressions and mad movements are nice. I think he's a good reference for Rum's character and personality. Quite unbalanced and mental with really quick movements. Not the best clip, but if you've seen Bleach before you'll know what I mean.

Squirrels are not stupid.

Yeah the video goes on a bit, but when he actually does the assault course it's good. In fact they probably more intelligent then people think...

Storyboard COMPLETE

Yep. That is right. My storyboard is FINALLY all done. Nice one. IF I don't mind saying so myself. Just wanted to share that wee bit of news there... It has been a while since I said anything here. Shooooouuld probably update this more often.

I might put my storyboard up here. OR I might not. We don't want Pixar or anyone nicking my ideas. Which I am sure WOULD happen with my amazing film. Though soon I shall be uploading more new drawings, backgrounds etc. Hasta luego.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Some More Drawings n Stuff

Here we have Rum explaining his issues to his best friend Fox.
A nice little title page here. A poster design I'm thinking of perhaps... Doesn't give too much away, yet a blood covered acorn should always be intriguing.

Rum looking mentally disturbed. Again.
Fox on his Tri-cycle, and just generally looking cute.

Rum looking a bit rabid after seeing Fox become friends with the DREADED GREY SQUIRREL!!!

Some more drawings from various scenes in the film. I like the axe scene. Me gusta mucho sangre. Mwah ha ha ha ha!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Here are some drawings of Fox. He is the rather dim-witted friend of Rum. But a hell of a nice guy!

Here are some of my character sheets for Rum himself.


Yes. I have made a blog. Woooo. But it's for my amazing upcoming new short film titled 'Red Rum'! Ah yes. It shall be great. And here I shall share my lovely drawings of mentally disturbed squirrels and occasionally some of the 'creepy' looking Fox.

'Red Rum' shall be an ALL 2D production. Apart from maybe a tiny bit of After Effects. But I don't think that makes it any less 2D or any less traditional. The film is currently still in pre-production, although the story and character designs are all sorted out. I shall be posting stuff soon, so if you care to come back and see, that would be nice.